Drastic consumption monitoring accuracy issues after installing solar monitoring

I recently installed sense solar monitoring for my 7kW grid-tie solar system. According to the inverter manufacturer production CTs the sense solar production monitor is accurate to 1% however I’m experiencing massive swings in sense consumption numbers opposite of the daytime dip. It seems that my consumption is always a minimum of ~30% of my solar production even when it should be reading a baseline of ~200w consumption. Also the consumption monitor is now under reporting actual loads.For instance sense said my AC used around 3500w before installing the solar monitor and now sense says it only uses 2700w, a massive difference in load.

This graph shows an obvious issue where consumption is following production, often reporting consumption as more than 1000w higher than it should be. Around 3pm the sense monitor decided that it would no longer record positive consumption numbers when production exceeded consumption, and now anytime I’m exporting power to the grid the consumption monitor reports 0 in real time and negative when I look into the past.

And today my monitor showed zero real time consumption for most of the day because I was exporting a large fraction of my production to the grid.

I’ve tried power cycling the monitor several times, for one cycle I left it off for more than 30 minutes. I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling and re-calibrating the solar sensors to no avail. It is a very frustrating issue because I’ am no longer getting any meaningful data from my monitor. Has anyone had this issue and solved it succesfully before?



Contact support@sense.com if your usage is partially mirroring your solar production like the waveforms show…