Negative power with big drop in measured solar production

About 40 minutes ago today, my mains power consumption went negative. At the same time there was a big drop in solar production. I’m seeing this in both the Android app and the web app. I haven’t opened my panel in quite some time.

Take a look under Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor to see if you have reasonable values on both sets of mains and solars.

The values don’t look reasonable to me:

Yup, I don’t think the mains should go negative (even though it says mains, which really should be a net reading, the values here are really Total usage on each leg). And the zeros indicate a problems as well. Better check with support to see what they are seeing. Maybe your CTs have temperature cycled open ?

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Did you resolve this issue?

Was @kevin1’s suggestion correct?

Interested to know what Support recommended.

The outcome could lead to some tweaking of regarding a Search for “negative” … which currently just yields this article:

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I resolved the issue by shutting off the circuit breaker Sense was on for ~30 minutes.

Support got back to me later and said that it looked like “One of your sense monitor’s main gathering processes got stuck in a bit of a weird state”. It’s unclear if the issue would have resolved itself eventually or not.

Maybe the troubleshooting steps could mention something like this for people who have had things installed for quite some time? The existing troubleshooting guides didn’t have anything that applied to my scenario.

I probably should have stepped in sooner - I’ve had a couple cases where my solar and total usage have gone negative after a long period of good operation. The fix has been a simple reset of the Sense monitor via the breaker (usually I only do it for a minute or two). I kind of wanted to see how the support guys would diagnose your situation.

Thanks for posting the solution.

I’ll talk to the team and getting something added to the Help pages.

As promised, talked this through w/ Support and Engineering. This issue itself is a bug and they’re working to solve it. Still, I’ll add a general troubleshooting tip to reboot for negative/weird data. Thanks for calling that out @morse.caleb and glad you got it all worked out.