Dedicated Circuit Monitoring New Option Question

Got email today about Flex sensor add on for Dedicated Circuit Monitoring being made available. My question is, I bought Sense Solar kit for future possibility I ever get solar but don’t currently use. I assume I can get the Flex sensors to monitor circuits since I am not using the solar port correct?

Also, can one time promo code somehow be applied thru Amazon LoL?

Based on the answer from Ryan below about someone asking about the Flex CT’s, you should be good to just use your Solar CT’s. Nothing new to purchase.

Flex CT’s are just Solar CT’s with a new name now that they can be used in a flexible way.

I actually wondered since they look the same. So I could technically hook my solar leads to my circuit that runs my furnace and name it furnace?

The feature was announced today, but will not be released until the 12th. I believe there will be appropriate documentation on exactly HOW to install and activate the CT’s for Dedicated Circuit Monitoring. Depending on what you are monitoring, there are several options and steps involved to get everything going. But yes, you should be able to follow the instructions in the app and use your Solar CT’s.

Guides are available now at However, the app release will not be coming until next week so the last step will have to wait until then.

@norenlaw In addition to the info above and @ben’s comment, I want to caution you that if you have solar, you will have to monitor it with Sense in most cases. Failure to do so will result in negative mains wattage in the app. The exception to this is if your solar is fed into your panel via line-side tap and your main sensors are placed below the line-side tap.


@RyanAtSense I do not have solar however when I purchased Sense I bought the solar version in case I get it in the future. At this time, I have no plans for solar.

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So I haven’t installed yet but planning to and noticed that one of the circuits I want to monitor is in a sub panel of my main panel. If wire routing (flex clamp wire length) is not a concern, can I run one or both flex clamps to a sub panel when my sense unit is in my main panel?

I’m guessing yes, since Sense offers extension cables, even for the mains CTs. I’m also assuming the chosen sub panel is fed by by the mains in the box where your Sense resides.

@kevin1 is right. As long as your subpanel is fed by the mains in the panel where your Sense is, this installation should be fine @norenlaw.

@JustinAtSense I went down and looked at things a bit closer. Sub very close to main and might be able to feed through conduit connecting them without an extension. Only issue with routing in this manner is bought flex will have to support circuits in the sub. I wouldn’t be able to split unless I took out a large knock out potentially.