Sensor extension cables now available - 10/30/18


We’ve had lots of requests to make extension cables for the Sense current sensors available to help support distant solar feeds (like a solar sub-panel that isn’t right next to the main panel) and other needs. We now have those available in four lengths: 4’, 12’, 25’, and 40’ at a special page in our web store:

You’ll also find replacement parts like antennas, mounting brackets, and power cables should you need them.

We’ve added an article in our knowledgebase to help with any questions around installation.

Please let us know how these work for you, and what other accessories might be helpful for us to work on for the future!


It’s been a whle since I’ve installed my Sense, but I found the plastic mounting fitting for mounting the antenna very flimsy. I’d like to see a more robust mount made of metal or hd plastic with threads and a locknut. Similar to this 1/2” cgb, picture attached.
Thanks, David


Very nice to see the longer cables. A couple common sized panel knockout grommets would be nice to include for external installs where you must feed the cables through the enclosure.