Ct extension cable


my dad is interested in a sense monitor, but he has an issue… his home has 1 main panel, 2 sub-panels and his 8kW pv system is in the 2nd sub-panel about 30ft from the main panel…

I’ve read that CTs can be extended to as much as 100ft, but only if the extension is kept from any high noise or leaking AC devices… have you guys tried this?


We sell extension cables up to 40 feet and have tested them up to that length. https://store.sense.com/accessories

Beyond that, your mileage may vary. But yes, ideally you should have them as far away from noisy AC sources as they can end up acting as an antenna.


That link doesn’t work for me. I see no accessories on that page. I know i have seen them there in the past.
This is where it took me > https://store.sense.com/collections


Both of the two links work for me.


Hmm. Works fine for me. What browser are you using?


Chrome on a work PC. the page loads with no products on it.
I just tried it on my phone (android) it works fine there.


I’m using Chrome with no issues. Any ad block running or work-enabled page blockers? Those shouldn’t be negatively affecting things but hard to say for sure.


Looks like they don’t have the latest update. It is still V69. Not 71.0.3578.80 as it should be.
I will look into it later, time to get outta here :slight_smile:
The latest update didn’t help. no biggie


I hadn’t gotten around to looking in the accessories store… thx for letting me know…


I just tried with firefox. I have Privacy Badger addon installed in firefox and I don’t see the assessores until I disable privacy badger for that page.


Privacy badger was blocking sense-labs.myshopify.com which was causing the accessories not to show up.


I don’t know if this helps? I have my Sense Monitor in my main 200 Amp panel. In the main panel I have a 220 V 50 Amp Breaker that feeds a 100 Amp sub panel in my shop which is fed through an underground raceway and is a run of a bit over 100’ away and my Sense unit is recording devices in the shop as well as the house.


yes, that would work that way… I was talking about a different setup… my dads house has a main and 2 subs… his solar interconnect doesn’t goto the main… it goes to a sub… so if he wanted to run just one Sense, he would have to get the solar CTs into the sub, from the main (where the Sense would be)…