Flex Sensors - Issues with certain wire?

I have a ticket open with Support, but i figured I would throw this by the Community to see if anyone else has run into this situation.
After running Sense for 4+ years, I am finally bringing on Solar! I set up a few panels as a proof of concept and my inverter sees 900+ watts of power coming in…All good.
Added my flex CTs and it sees nothing. I put CTs on a breaker with a Radon fan and it sees 60w. This proves the CTs and Ext cable are good to go.
Has anyone run into a similar situation with CTs not being able to read a certain type of cable? I feel like i must be missing something obvious…Thanks everyone!

Did you turn on the solar option ? I believe it will require you to go through a reconfiguration and calibration phase.

Yes, Support connected to it and turned it on.
I was able to put the CTs on the wires from another breaker and get a reading on the solar in the app.
Its a weird one…

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Not sure if you already resolved the problem, but have you tried changing the polarity? (turning the CT’s around). This may be the problem.

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