Question about the new Flex Add-on sensor cables

Does anyone knows if the new Flex Add-on sensor cables that are on sale on the sense website will work for solar as well? the reason I’m asking is because is when you go to the store you see the old solar sensors and the new flex add-on sensors they are both available, however I received an email from sense marketing the new cables and on the email it says that the new flex cables and I quote: “they replace our solar add-on and are functionally identical” and they sent me a code to get a $25.00 USD discount if you buy the new flex add-on sensors with sounds great if they work for solar. I’m about to install solar in my house and need the sensor but I’m not sure why if the new flex add-on sensors replace the old solar sensors why are they still both on sale, and the code only works if you add the new sensors and not the old ones.

Hope anyone form sense can clarify this for me: will the new flex sensor work with solar?


its just a set of CT Clamps, they will work for anything… the only difference is what you select in the app setup

@jorge.salvatierra Just a point of clarification - you will need Sense Solar Sensors or the Flex add-on sensors because of the calibration. You cannot use the regular CT’s that come with non-solar Sense Monitors for the middle port features.

Thank you both for clarifying that, it will be a good idea if sense just remove the “solar” clamps from the store, since the flex add-on will work as well for solar, just to avoid confusion…


I cannot find them on their website, does anyone have a link? I just wedged my second (replacement) set of clamps onto my busbar based breaker panel and would love an option to not have to do such a dangerous maneuver ever again.

Notice how there isn’t a way to disconnect the power when attaching the sensors? Had to break off the plastic protectors to get these in and still had to wedge them in.

here you go:

Whoaaa… Be careful. You can buy add-on CTs here.

I think the only difference between Flex and Solar CTs is that the Solar has the sun embossed on it to show orientation. Suspect the Flex looks more like the main CTs.

ps: I did the 400A Dual Panel beta with Solar CTs on the second port so they are interchangeable.

That link takes me to the accessory section of their store, but I don’t see anything but the regular sensors.

got some bad news for you… i think that your ct’s are installed opposite directions of each other if i recall correctly i think they both have to be facing the same way ?

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Mine are, in the photo above. Interestingly it seems their software is smart enough to reverse the sense [punintended] of those cables in software. It’s the only way to get the sensors to completely close. Otherwise when you put the cover back on the box it presses the release on the sensor.

Here’s what I see at the top of the store. I’m pretty sure the Flex-Add-ons are the same as the main CTs. @JustinAtSense ?

Ah, yes, thanks. I stared right at it and thought I was looking at the original sensors, but sure enough, they say Flex right there. I was expecting some divergent tech in sensors called Flex.

For 400A and Generator integration, you should utilize the Flex add-on sensors available from or These are functionally and physically identical to the solar sensors, but come with different packaging and literature to point you to the correct installation guides for these new setups.

Please note that Flex sensors cannot be used in place of the main sensors that come with Sense, which are calibrated specifically for your monitor. They might look the same, but there are differences.


Thanks for clarifying Ryan…

I have a 200A service, no solar and no generator… but I have several noisy circuits that haven’t been picked up well. Could the flex add-on sensors be used to isolate a specific circuit? Example - I have a two-stage heat pump with alt electronic heat that has never been properly picked up. Could I use the flex CTs to monitor/learn just that 60A service downstream from my main 200A service?

The feature is not designed for that. The device would be double counted within the app. But we’re looking at the prospect of developing a feature like you describe, so stay tuned.


thanks. This would be a great value. We have a high efficiency cold climate heat pump system coupled with a variable speed air handler. These two things make our Heating/Cooling energy use nearly impossible for the Sense monitor to parse out. It’s out biggest energy use, yet unknown to Sense. I saw the news of the Flex Add-on sensor cables and hoped this would be the answer. Is there a way that we can be notified if a downstream CT add-on clamp is developed in the future to monitor hard to identify circuits?

Hey @nateherr. We’ll always share an update like that via the community and through our traditional channels.

So the Flex add on sensors can only be used to monitor EXTERNAL sources?

Two years+ in on sense and still I can’t get a read on how much power my heat pump, water heater, sewage pump, and stove are actually using…my 4 biggest devices in terms of draw.

I’ve been looking at switching to something like the Emporia Vue. I don’t know much about it.

I have an all-electric house with propane. My neighborhood might be getting natrual gas, but its pricey, PLUS I have to switch out my equipment. It would have been really useful if I could have actually known how much my usage was of these circuits.

Hi @mike2. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months, there’s more coming here :slight_smile:.