Sense $100 off Today! Should I buy Sense w/Flex or Sense Solar?

So I see Sense basic kit is $100 off today, while Sense Flex and Sense Solar are $60 off today.
I want to buy Sense for a friend who has a solar system. Wouldn’t if be cheaper for me to buy the base Sense system and the add on Flex clamps for $50?

Base Sense for $199 + $50 for Flex clamps= $249
Sense Solar for $289

The Sense Solar is just the regular Sense unit with the addition of of the Flex clamps, correct?
Is there something else that is different with the Sense Solar that I’m missing?

Thanks, Peter


Flex sensors can be used for solar.

As @kevin1 mentioned above, this is correct. You can buy the base SKU and configure for Solar with the Flex Add-on Sensors at any time.

Thanks for the fast replies guys!
Looks like i will buy them separately.