Sense Flex for generator or solar?

I just installed my sense flex system late yesterday. I have a SolarEdge 10.2kw grid tie solar system that connects outside directly to the meter (I can connect the sensors easily though). I have a a 60A generator transfer switch that goes to my electric water heater and a 6kw inverter with battery backup. The inverter has a 40A breaker going to an emergency panel that has my furnace, fridge, freezers, well, computer servers, some lights, tv and other misc. On average the panel runs between 1 to 1.5kw all the time and I am guessing that it peaks up to 4 to 5kw for a few milliseconds when starting the well.

I initially purchased the sense to be able to know how many 48v 100Ah batteries to get. I currently have 1 battery that kicks itself out with a short circuit prevention error when well does its initial startup.

Of course the primary sensors are at the mains from the grid on my 200A panel. Initially I installed the secondary sensors as a separate circuit on the emergency panel but started guessing that the individual things in that panel may not be individually identified. Then I reset the data and set it up as a generator sensor. It took quite a while to figure out that I had to kill the mains to get the system to finish installing (switching the generator interlock was not enough). Unfortunately I am not seeing anyplace where I can see the current draw on the second set of sensors, so I am thinking that the sense just notifies me when the grid power goes out? Since that hardly ever happens, I am wondering if I should set the system up as a solar setup instead.

There have been no devices discovered yet and I am worried that every time I reset the data it has to start over. So that is why I am asking this amazing group what may be the best way to use the sense flex in my environment. Also if anyone has advice on whether I should buy 1 or 2 additional 100A batteries (total of 2 or 3), that would be amazing!!! Freight is $300 whether I buy one or two, but at $1500 each, I don’t want to overdo it either.

Thanks and I appreciate all your advice.

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mjstrand… Sorry I can’t help with all your issues, but I will hope to shed some light on a couple. I have a lot of data with my well pump with 4-5 years. Sense say it costs $8 per year. Really nothing to be saved here, and a lot to lose when it fails to miss use. I run a different solar system that you might think. I have 4-12 volt 200 amp batteries wired in series. Big and heavy. Running 2 inverters about 4400 watts each and the second ‘kicks’ in around 70 percent capacity of the first. The well pump is not on the solar system. If you read your manual on your well pump you may find it does not recommend you running it on a generator, so maybe don’t run it on you solar due to the in rush. They do make soft start pumps. Might look for one. I do have one in storage. Digest this and I can add more later when I get more time… My ‘solar generator’ is tied into my house by generator outlet for the house. I run mostly 110 from it. The only 220 is the hot water heater that draws around 350 watts. It has a high in rush, but I have other ways to handle that. I have a generator circuit box ( can’t think of the proper name for it) where I can choose what circuits

I want and can handle from grid or generator. It has been running for 2 years none. This is my third season. I have cut my electric bill by 60-70 percent and getting 90 percent of the 50 percent surcharge from the electric company in the afternoon/evening off the bill. I’ll be around Later…Gerry