Sense thinks my standby generator is always running

I have a standby generator connected to a dedicated sub panel. Sense tech support had to manually activate generator monitoring and it’s set up now.

The problem is that Sense thinks my generator is always running. I have manually killed the main breaker to show sense the difference to no avail.

I sent a message back to sense tech support and I just got a generic email back asking for every irrelevant detail even though I referenced the previous ticket.

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When you say sense thinks the generator is on…This means sense thinks 100% of your house is being ran by the generator?

I sounds like you have a critical loads subpanel on an automatic transfer switch? Where do you have your flex sensors?

You need to ask for your ticket to be escalated.
Initial support is usually nothing more than cut & paste responses, Bot/Ai generated based on keywords.
In house support is actually quite good, but it can take a bit to get there.

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On the web app I have a bubble for my generator and it says it’s been on for over a month.
The generator was installed by the little old lady that owned the house before us and she only wanted the main floor powered, so my dedicated panel has a majority of the circuits with the ATS and the main panel has most of the basement. The install was verified by the person that helped me on my initial ticket and he was fantastic. I just need sense to figure out when the generator is on or not.

Is it possible you have your flex CT’s on the wires from the main panel to the ATS and not the generator feed wires?

No. As I said the install was verified.

I would take the CT’s off the wires in the ATS switch and see if the bubbles go off. This would guarantee that it would be software related if the bubbles are still there. If the bubble goes off, they are on live wires.


I did that and the generator “turned off”.
I think you may be misunderstanding the configuration I’m using. See the below images.

I did misunderstand your layout. It appears everything is in the correct place/ direction. You have a critical loads panel. I suspect that the sense meter is in the wrong generator mode. It thinks you have a whole house generator and not a just powering a subpanel. Is this a new sense install or did you just add the generator ?

In your sense app… setting /my home / connected devices …under sensor sources. Generator… does it show that as “enabled”?

I just reset and moved this sense from my old house. When I installed the sense I already had the flex sensors from my old house.

Yes, support enabled the generator. I couldn’t and still can’t complete the generator setup from my side.