Generator with mechanical interlock *SOLVED*

An update to my issue. After working with support (and getting to 2nd tier) this is solved.

I used the main CTs (outside port) and went around BOTH the utility and generator feeds. I then used the generator CTs (middle port) and had them around the generator feed only. Support enabled the generator port (skipped waiting for “Generator On” during setup). After these changes the Sense registers that we are on generator power as it should.

This is workaround is not technically supported or is it endorsed by Sense, but it did work for me and my setup.

Good afternoon,
I just installed my sense flex over the weekend. The primary reason I bought this product was for generator support. I have a portable standby generator (that is not big enough to power the entire house) connected through a backfed breaker and mechanically interlocked with the main. I did not know this configuration was not supported when I purchased.

It is critical and the reason I bought the product that I am able to monitor the demand to ensure that we do not overload the generator. I am fortunate that our internet/cell providers here have generation on their network so we will have access to internet during outages.

Please, this is an honest question…why can’t the Sense work in this configuration? (With interlocked breakers not an ATS). I’m sure that I’m missing something (educate me)…but it seems that if it senses that the panel has power and that the CTs that come from the generator have a current through them while there is none sensed in the utility CTs…it could just say “hey, I’m on generator now”. And a follow up, couldn’t this be easily enabled via software?

Aside - if anybody has a workaround, I would appreciate you letting me know.

Thank you,

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I purchased my Sense a year ago for the same reason. Early on Sense techs did a upgrade for a few people with MTS. They are no longer making that update available. I had to make a list of items I “needed” to power on the generator so I did not overload it. IE. Frezzer, Fridge and a few lights. It’s now a waitng process to see if and when Sense makes changes for MTS customers. Good Luck.

Search “Manual Transfer Swtich” You will find several comments by Sense users.

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