Generator Setup Logic Check

Hello All

Just a quick check (I’m new to sense so go easy on me :blush:)

I have my sense installed on a single phase 220v 60Hz supply here in the Philippines. So far so good. As power is often interrupted here, we also have a backup generator in case there are any outages. I read some post about the new features of being able to monitor generators but wanted to check what the main advantages are? My generator is a manual start with a manual transfer switch so features telling me the generators starts and stops are pretty limited for me.

However what would be nice would be to notifies when normal power is restored?

Currently I’m using one single CT clamp as I’m only using single phase as explained so have a spare CT . This clamp is sensing power at the main breaker after the manual transfer switch. The logic here being that I monitor what power is being consumed when on normal power or when on back up power. I’m wondering now whether there is any value in utilizing the second CT clamp somehow to monitor both feeds independently? Ie connect one directly to the feed from the utility and the other to the feed from the generator. Just some thoughts? What are my options?

Hey there @Alan.Pilz. I’ll let others comment on what your options here are (since you’re outside the US, there’s potential for some unforeseeable issues here). The one thing I’d like to stress is that the sensors (CT clamps) that come with your Sense monitor are different from the flex sensors that are used for middle-port features (generator, solar, etc.). You need the flex sensors to utilize middle-port features, not the sensors that come with your Sense monitor. They are calibrated differently.

Thanks @JustinAtSense I wasn’t considering using the middle port but feel that as I have a spare sensor how to best put it to use.