Sense with a Gas generator?

Has anyone used a house power transfer switch to feed a Gas generator power to the house?

Is Sense able to read the power used in the house from the Gas Generator? The generator may not have the cleanest power, so I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this?


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Well my panel is rigged up for a manual transfer switch cutting off the main breaker so I decided to just install a set of meters on my generator feed and put the sense on my mains. good question I was trying to do it but since my transfer switch is in my panel as a manual it didn’t work for me.

As long as you install the Sense CTs downstream from the transfer switch, it should work. In other words (assuming you have a whole home transfer switch), you would install the Sense CTs in your electrical panel on the feeders going to the main 200A breaker.

This way, Sense will monitor usage of all loads in the breaker panel, regardless of it being fed from the utility or your generator.

Sense team, this is another good argument for why we need to be able to track voltage the same way we can power. :wink:

Our sense unit seemed to work fine during two outages we had when our Generac 20kW ng whole house generator took over. There was about a 10 minute gap in data collection which must be the time it took the sense to reconnect to the wifi?

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