Flex sensors are ovals and have a sun sticker

I have ordered the Flex sensors from Amazon US and received them today. However, they don’t look like what I expected and would like to confirm that I have received the proper product.

Instead of being a perfect circle like the main CTs, they are oval and have a sun sticker on them. Also, they have a lock mechanism to prevent them from opening.

I plan on using them for dedicated circuit monitoring, but the sun sticker and their huge size makes me doubt that they can be used for DCM.

Can I use these for DCM?


@Beruk , I believe there is another thread that memtioned that solar sensors and flex sensors was the same.

What is find interesting with your pic is that the sensors will work on 50hz as well as 60hz which mean Sense is expending outside of the North American markets :thinking:

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Checkout this thread

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Could the oval shape have anything to do with this as well?

I doubt that but I’m happy to see the progression :+1:

Shape has nothing to do with it.
I like the little latch to prevent it from opening.
That is a real improvement over the previous version.


These subtle design changes are awesome. well done, sense! :pray:t3:

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