Question regarding changing flex sensor to solar

I have the flex sensors monitoring two 120V circuits and will be adding Solar in late May. The app says I’ll need to contact support to change the flex sensor source to solar which I plan to do next month.

Has anyone gone through this before? I’m curious if I’ll loose the two devices currently connected to the flex sensors or can their profile be saved?

It’ll be nice if I can continue to monitor both devices without the flex sensors.

@Bubuski , welcome to the world of tradeoffs. The current Sense hardware only allows a second pair of CTs/Sensors, so they have to either be allocated to solar or to DCM (direct current measurement, like you are currently doing). But you’ll want them on your solar when it gets installed !

What devices are the 120V circuits you are monitoring ?

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The first is my main refrigerator which has a variable compressor so hardly ever turns off. Without the flex sensor the sense monitor could only detect 20 mins blips of its energy signature every 14 hrs. I think it might be its defrost cycle but unsure. In the winter it’s measured to be about 7% of my household consumption.

The second monitors my furnace/air handler which is quite sporatic in its consumption based on what it is doing. In the winter it’s measured to be about 8% of my household consumption. It could circulating air, low/high heating or assisting the a/c in low/high cooling(My a/c compressor is detected seperately).

While it is not a deal breaker and I’d prefer to monitor Solar rather than the two above. It’ll be nice if the energy profiles can be saved and the sense monitor can listen for them without the aid of the flex sensors.

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Depending on local code and your fridge hookup, could put both of those devices on 10$ Kasa EP25 smartplugs and get similar results. My furnaces’ air handlers’ have receptacles, so both are on Kasa smart plugs. My fridges’ plugs are inaccessible though.

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Good to know.

The EP25 and other Kasa plugs with energy monitoring feature are not sold in Canada. We get just the basic Kasa plugs.
That said I should be able to get the plug shipped across the border. It should work with my refrigerator but not furnace which are hardwired by local code.

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@Bubuski , good luck with the “import” business. I would grab a 4 pack if I were you. That would give you a couple to do a more in-depth home assessment and improve your measurements per this methodology: