Sense flex add-on sensors

I just got a notification from Amazon saying these are out for delivery and I am excited to use them for dedicated circuit monitoring. I will be using one sensor for my split type aircon in my bedroom and the other for the split type aircon in my main room, kitchen/living room. I need to order two more TP-Link EU energy monitoring plugs now that I know they work, and I will put one on my main refrigerator and the other on my water dispenser that does hot and cold water. I have to use the EU TP-Link energy monitoring plugs because they 220V, but I need to use adapters because they use American style plugs here in the Philippines so I have to be extra careful NOT to plug anything that is 110V because the power here is 220V single phase. I used Sense before for about four years and I loved it and it helped me make my house that I owned at the time so much more energy efficient and helped me find devices that were having issues. I am now retired and living in the Philippines, and I have had my Sense meter installed and working perfectly for three weeks and Sense is already helping me recognize issues so that I can start experimenting to find ways to make my house here more energy efficient.

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My flex add-on sensors showed up and I tried to install them but when I try to run dedicated circuit setup I cant seem to get it to work. Not sure if its an issue because my power is single phase 220V or if I am setting this up wrong. I am reading through the installation instructions in the app but not sure what I am doing wrong.