Do you own Sense Flex Add-on Sensors or the Sense Flex Bundle?

As some of you know, we released Sense Flex Add-on Sensors and the Sense Flex Bundle on Amazon in 2020. Flex Sensors enable you to utilize the middle port on your monitor (previously reserved only for Solar) with one of the new features below:

Since both of these had to be added as new products to Amazon, they’re pretty hard for new users to find on Amazon. One of the ways we can impact the visibility of Flex Sensors on Amazon is to gather more reviews on the corresponding Amazon product pages.

If you’ve purchased either just the Flex Add-on Sensors or the Flex Bundle (Flex Sensors + Sense Monitor), leaving a review on the corresponding Amazon page below would be a huge help!

Amazon Flex Add-on Sensors

Amazon Flex Bundle


I recently purchased the Flex Add-on Sensors.

I placed the sensors on a Gas Furnace and Dishwasher since both were difficult to add a smart plug. The Dishwasher was never found by Sense and the furnace would not away identify with the "Furnace Bubble.

The dishwasher is a old mechanical dishwasher, no electronics to power up. I placed the sensor on the breaker wire however it was touching other wires. I was getting up to 12 watts of standby power and false indications of usage on the Timeline. I bumped up Standby Watts and seconds. Still got status changes on the Timeline.

The Power Meter for this device shows a instantaneous spike even though the device is disconnected.

Customer Support is working on this issue.

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I purchased the Flex Add-on for our central AC condenser circuit as well and an electric dryer circuit. The installation requires powering on the breaker and device. Due to the winter temps in my area, I will hold off until Spring to power on the AC. Overall, I believe this will be a great addition to my Sense system.