Using CT monitored circuits with Sense device detection

I have CTs on my HVAC (heat pump) air handler to monitor when it is on and when the electric strips come on in the winter. Sense recently discovered a new “heat 1” device. I found this “heat 1” to be the electric strip heater in my HVAC air handler which was already being monitored/reported by the CTs. I tried to “Merge” the “heat 1” with the CT monitored air handler, but this is not an option on the Manage page for the new “heat 1”, so I deleted the new “heat 1”. I did not recognize that I could have gone to the CT monitored air handler and picked the new “heat 1” as what it monitored under it’s manage page. I assume Sense will at some time in the future find the “heat 1” again (been at least a month now, I think, since I deleted it) and then I will try to combine it with the CT monitored air handler. Good thing to know, if you have CT monitored circuits and Sense detects the same or component devices after the CT monitoring is installed. To me, the solution to merge CT monitored circuits and Sense detected devices was not intuitive.

That “Heat 1” is likely to come back, but perhaps as “Heat 2”. You’re right ! Merges for smart plugs and DCM work differently and have a different way to Manage them in the manage tab, but that’s because those kinds of combinations are not a true merge. The smart-plug or DCM is always right because it uses the total measured power. Detections are likely to be only components of the power usage.

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