I might have confused my Sense

I started 2 weeks ago, like most on here, by installing my Sense device. It did a decent job in identifying some of the major power consumers. Over the past couple of weeks though, I’ve added the 2 extra CT sensors, an HS300 TP-Link power strip, and two KP115 smart plugs. I think Sense is a bit confused as sometimes specific devices are reported twice (?), in a bubble for the specific smart plug, and another bubble, possibly as the device’s signature is detected by Sense’s algorithms…

I’m tempted to re-initialize my Sense and start the device identification all over, without moving any of the smart plugs as I think I have a pretty good idea as to what it is I want to monitor.

So, what options are there? Is it worth it to go through all the data and try to stitch/clean it up or am I better off, starting over/clean? I’m tempted to do the latter, and would love to hear feedback as to whether or not that’s a viable option.


Hey there @drjb. No need to delete or reset your data here.

For smart plugs:
If Sense has detected something natively that you also have on a smart plug, you can merge devices simply in Sense.

For Dedicated Circuits:
If sense has detected something natively that you have connected with Dedicated Circuit Monitoring, you can merge the devices through a similar process as smart plugs above. Simply navigate to the dedicated circuit device, click on the settings icon (a gear) in the top right corner and then click on the ‘Manage’ tab.
Underneath ‘Dedicated Circuit’, click on “What’s being monitored?”. From there, you can merge existing devices with the Dedicated Circuit device to eliminate partial detections or duplicates.

Thank You Justin. I’ll try it and see what happens.