Sense detecting part of smart plug devices

I’ve had my dishwasher on a HS-110 for well over a year. About 3 weeks ago now, Sense detected a new device. It quickly became obvious that this new device was the water heating element portion of my dishwasher. Interestingly, this captures almost 85% of the ground truth power usage supplied by the HS-110.

I discovered that you cannot merge a detected device with a smart plug device. This makes sense, I guess, as the smart plug has the best possible accuracy. My question is, what should I do with the duplicate device, assuming I want to keep the HS-110 in use? Should I just delete it?

I could also go the other way; remove/repurpose the HS-110, and rely on the “good enough” 85% native power detection of the dishwasher. That’s not my plan, though.

You can tell the smartplug device “What’s plugged into this ?” using the Manage tab, once you hit the gear in the upper left for that smartplug device.

Then you need to select the device that corresponds to the new detection for the dishwashers. This is kind of similar to a merge, except it prevents double counting and only uses the HS110 data. In this case the HS110 is on my furnace and I had to tell Sense that the detection of Heat 3 (my furnace air handler) was part of the Furnace HS110 consumption.

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Thanks! That did what I wanted it to. I had apparently done this before, as the HS-110 already had a “Heat 3” associated with it.

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