Does sense find things that are plugged into smart plugs?

I got a dehumidifier installed about a month ago, and I plugged it into a TPLink plug so I could track its power usage. Today, I got two new devices detected, one is a pump (which I think is the dehumidifier pump, which sense previously thought was my microwave) and the other is a motor. The runtime seems to correspond with the dehumidifier within two or three minutes, but it’s being double counted. Does sense actually find things on the smart plugs?

It’s my understanding that it could happen. You should be able to go into the smart plug settings, choose manage, and use the “what’s plugged into this option” to select the dehumidifier.

You might want to remove the smart plug from the equation for a bit to see if the Sense detection is accurate. You may even want to use the plug for a different device and let Sense detect the dehumidifier.

I think Sense trie to avoid detections of things on smart plugs, but I suspect that some double detections are unavoidable given the different data rates with which the Sense and the smartplugs collect data (microseconds vs. 2 seconds). Sense has had 2-3 detections of signatures of one component of devices I have on smartplugs, one the past 5 months. I just add the new detection to my smartplugs’ “What’s plugged into this ?”

Yeah that’s why I was wondering. When I set up the plug, I did fill that in with dehumidifier. I’m not convinced that’s what sense found though, but I just have no idea what else it might be (and since I posted this, I got a notification the dehumidifier was on and sign of the new motor even though they were on at the same time earlier)