Device Detected on Smart Plug


Hello I added a smart plug to my refrigerator to monitor usage. Sense has recently detected the ice dispenser on the fridge. I was surprised it would identify a device already on a plug. From what I can see you cannot merge a detected device with a smart plug device. I am not sure If I should just leave this alone now or what.


I suggest you leave it in place until Sense detects the compressor and any other components. Merge the icemaker and those, then you can apply the smartplug to something else.

This happened with my home laser printer. Once it was detected, I moved the Smartplug to my home humidifier.


My understanding and experience is Sense will not detect anything on or through a smart plug.
If the device has already been detected natively by sense and you use a smart plug with it, Sense will recognize it but not create a new detection.


That was also my assumption but this doesn’t appear to be the case. In detected the ice dispenser over a month after the smart plug was installed. I doubt the linear compressor of the fridge will be detected due to the regular variance in the load so I don’t anticipate moving the smart plug.


I didn’t think Sense would detect my fridge or washing machine due to the inverter but it has detected both. They are both very accurate with reporting


I posted a similar case recently. See Sense detects part of the fridge power (on HS110) as a separate "Heat 3" device


Let me clarify some points here:

Sense will attempt not to natively detect a device that it suspects is on a smart plug. Doing so would result in double counting. That said, we’re still collecting the data internally to improve the device models for that device.

Despite our best efforts, it can still happen (but this is not a product of the smart plug “helping” the ML-based detection. That is not yet a feature). If it does happen, you should use the “what’s plugged into this” UI in the app to indicate that the ML-based mode of the device is plugged into the smart plug. Otherwise, Sense will double count the wattage.