Sense detects part of the fridge power (on HS110) as a separate "Heat 3" device


Our refrigerator (Samsung, details are on Community Device Library) is on an HS110 smart plug. Sense has detected a “Heat 3” device, and I realized that it is part of the refrigerator. The last 24 hours of both devices are shown below (from Android App). The refrigerator power draw typically starts with a compressor cycle, which is often followed by a resistive load (maybe defroster?).

The resistive load is identified as Heat_3 by Sense, although it is missed sometimes.

I wanted to illustrate this example since it is clear and may be useful to others who are having similar mixed identifications. Now some questions:

(1) I had assumed that loads on a smart plug would not be detected as separate devices, but clearly this is not the case. Is this intended, or just a “malfunction” of the Sense device ID algorithms?

(2) What should I do in this case? It seems that the Heat 3 power will be double counted. So presumably I should delete Heat 3? (However, when I have deleted devices in the past, Sense has found them again in a very similar form a week or two later).

Device Detected on Smart Plug

You should mark Heat 3 as one component of the HS110. Do it in the Manage tab under your HS110 Device. You should be able to check off Heat 3 in the “What’s plugged into this?” list.

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