Handling Device that was identified by Sense but is plugged into an HS110


I plugged a number of the devices that comprise the A/V and Automation hardware in my home into an HS110. As most of the devices were always on and ran off wall wart power supplies

  1. I didn’t think that sense would individually identify them
  2. I wanted to measure how much power was being used and remove these from the always on bubble

However, sense recently uniquely identified my TV that is part of the collection of hardware that is plugged into the HS110. So, this means that the power for the TV is now being counted twice. Once by the HS110 and once by the new TV device in Sense. Is there any way to combine the 2 such that it removes this double counting? Or, is there a way to leave them separate but subtract the TV power from the power reported by the HS110.

Just trying to find a way to remove the error in my total power output every time the TV is turned on.

Thanks in advance for the help.

See this thread where we discussed the same issue:

@jlj.pers alluded to the solution, but include the Sense-detected “TV” device in the What’s Plugged Into This list, which you can find in the Device Settings > Manage for the smart plug device.

Thanks so much.

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