Smart plug plus sense detection counting double after merge

I am using the kp115 smart plugs. After a while sense detects a device or multiple devices plugged into the KP115. Is this double counting the power consumption of the device? Will sense eventually auto merge these multiple devices?

This happed on my refrigerator. I have the KP115 logging all energy through the plug. Eventually sense found the compressor, the ice maker, and the water dispenser.

When I first setup the KP115 I selected other non detected device. After some device detection I went back and selected the detected devices. This seemed to merge all the history and count it double.

If you have gone to the “What’s plugged into this ?” for your KP115 attached to the Refrigerator and checked off all the new detections associated with the Refrigerator, you should only see a single bubble for all Refrigerator and all detected components.

The merge is done by checking off the detected Refrigerator components under “What’s plugged into this ?”

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@kevin1, when doing that the history from both devices gets counted twice under the KP115. When something like a dehumidifier is merged my power meter for that device goes from 550 watts to 1100 watts. I mention dehumidifier because the increase was very obvious. Also, it only does this to the history. After the merge the current timeline in the power meter for that device reads correctly. So I guess it just a bug or I’m not hitting the right settings.

Hey @torchme68 - is it possible for you to upload a couple screenshots of:

  • the “What’s plugged into this” screen for the device. Same as screens that Kevin shared above.
  • the historical usage screenshot that you mention where we can see the history.

Just want to make sure we can see everything here and understand before referring you to Support.

I have one dehumidifier. It shows as two different devices depending on what setting it is on.
I merged them with the kp115 around the end of February.

I think Sense really should backfill the single counting back to the date of each original detection. But I can understand why they might only do the removal going forward.