Sense seeing a device twice


Sense originally found my chest freezer, seemingly correctly, I think within a week or so of my Sense monitor going active. Months later, as a bit of a test, I inserted a new TP-Link (HS110) inline with the freezer and now both the TP-Link and the freezer show up at the same time. I actually installed 4 HS110’s as a bit of an experiment and expecting it would help the Sense Monitor decipher the power usage. Since putting them it, it doesn’t appear to be helping and actually may be confusing the matter, since the Sense Monitor sees my chest freezer and the HS110 it is plugged into as two separate devices. Since Sense hasn’t identified the other devices that are plugged into the other HS110s, I don’t know if those are doubling up or not. At any rate, the one observable doubling of a single device just doesn’t seem correct. I also can’t quite imagine how to correct this “misunderstanding” by the Sense Monitor. I am an electronic engineer and programmer and fully understand the complexities of trying to identify individual devices from two current measurements and their corresponding voltages but I suspect there is still much work to be done. And in that vein, are there any firmware updates and will they be applied automatically?


You kind of broke one of the cardinal rules of using Sense with a Smartplug. Either you attach the Smartplug to a single already identified device and merge. Or you connect to an outlet strip that doesn’t have any identified devices. Sense may update these rules over time, but you shouldn’t expect to them to, especially since they were fairly explicit in the FAQ.

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