Some hs110 not showing up

I have 5 hs110 from to link working on my network, just setup the 5th one yesterday and no issues. Today I went to setup my 6th one and it all looks good in the kasa app like the others, Amazon detected it so I know it’s talking on the network but it hasn’t been found in the last hour by sense. I tried turning it on and off in the app to make the protocol talk more but no luck. Also tried resetting the breaker on the sense to get it to start looking again in case it froze. But nothing. I’m hesitant to turn on and off the tplink monitoring button since I don’t want to lose the 5 working plugs. Anything I should try that I’m missing or does sense only support up to 5?

Sense supports up 20. I have 12 HS110s in service. You might just require a little more time for recognition. While waiting, you might might want to read this thread:

I hope the Sense devs really look into the issue of smartplugs not showing up, intermittently. Something likely about my home network Sense does not like; Sense only sees each smart plug ~75% of the time, even though Wemo and Kasa apps see them fine.

Update, it appeared overnight along with a new heat source, so must of just needed to think alot more than the other units. Good to know the 20 unit limit though, is it 20 total hs110 and 20 hs300 etc or 20 smart plugs total?

From the Smart Plug FAQ - count each used outlet toward the limit.

Is there a limit to the number of smart plugs I can connect to Sense?
The number of smart plugs is limited primarily by Wi-Fi network bandwidth. Typical Sense users can use about 20 smart plugs without issue. Note that each used plug of the TP-Link HS300 smart strip counts as 1 smart plug.

One more word of advice. Since the limit is a per used plug limit, don’t feel compelled to fill every plug in an HS300 or to put a HS110 on every device you don’t think Sense will “find”. I was compulsive in my usage and accidentally went over the limit - Sense helped me reminisce the issues that ensued.

But looking at the results, I should have been more judicious in application of smartplugs. Some, like my Apple TV’s and TiVo Mini use very little power in both standby and in active mode. Others, like my switches and router bounce around a little bit are essentially constant users around their average operating power. So one suggestion would be to use/name one HS110 as the sampling smart plug so you can look at the history of each device of interest over time, to see if which use patterns are worth monitoring.

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In my case I’ve been grouping loads I’m curious about like my TV with sound system and fire TV all together to see my “media center” load. I also group my nas and server and switches together as “network server” load that way it’s only 2 plugs but useful info based on activities


That’s also what I’ve been doing for most of the always/mostly on devices. It’s worked well. I have office on one Hs110 and the entertainment center on another. Between them, that’s eliminated 17 devices that I’d originally thought Sense would detect. Unfortunately, they don’t make clear the “always on” limitation until later.

Unfortunately, the largest loads (well, heat pump, HVAC, stove, dryer, etc) are never found or only erratically found. A legitimate US code 220v version of the HS110 would really help in those cases.

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