Kasa Limits

I have 4 HS300s, 2 KP303s, and 6 KP115s. A total of 36 plug devices. Sense is only recognizing 30. The most recent KP303 is not being recognized. I disconnected Kasa integration and re-enabled it and re-entered all my device info for the old devices but still no recognition of the three new plugs.

What is the real limit on these devices? 30 seems like it for me. Is that for real? My network bandwidth is more than enough. The Kasa app and Hubitat all recognize the plugs instantly. Why won’t Sense?


I don’t believe KP303s are supported by sense.

I don’t see power statistic being available in the device specifications.


Send in a support request to support@sense.com. The documented limit is 20 sockets (HS300s count as 6, even if only 3 plugs are in use), but I think there are some trade offs Sense support can make to support more. And as @jonhawkes suggests, KP303s aren’t supported by Sense, because they don’t report power usage.

Is there a limit to the number of smart plugs I can connect to Sense?
The number of smart plugs is limited primarily by Wi-Fi network bandwidth. Typical Sense users can use about 20 smart plugs without issue. Note that each plug of the TP-Link HS300 smart strip counts as 1 smart plug, regardless of status.

ps: I think that the limiting issue might be instantaneous bandwidth. Sense monitor sends out broadcast request for power info, and all smartplugs try to reply immediately. Plus Sense monitor has to process all the responses.


OMG :exploding_head:

You are right about it not supporting power monitoring. I thought I read somewhere that it did and ordered 2. Damn!

None of the other devices on the other KP303 are registering either.

Oh well, can’t do perfect research ALL the time.

Thanks for the help


I have read that n these forums of people with 34 to 36 kasa plugs. But that is not my issue it seems.