HS110 usage incorrect for Sense detected devices

I have two HS110 outlets (freezer example below) that have a Sense detected device plugged into them. For the most part they work fine. Other times the usage is around double the actual usage. Today my freezer doubled up again. I’ve sent this to support several times but it’s still broken.

Any thoughts other than actually deleting the Sense detected device? The Sense numbers were never accurate.


I would NOT delete the actual sense detection!
I would turn off Sense integration, leave the smart plug unplugged and make sure sense stills natively for awhile. If it does then I would rename the plug in Kasa to anything and then tenable sense integration. There I would do as you show and associate with the detected freezer
Because this happens I don’t use or recommend smart plugs for detected devices

That’s an option for the freezer. The other device is my LG TV that was discovered using Network Detection. Usage number for the TV are terrible at best.

The only way of fixing it is to undo the integration with the detected device.

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