Refrigerator detection strategy

So I need some cloud sourced advice on the refrigerator. Since it is a very complex and varied source of power usage. I was thinking of putting it on a smart plug. As I understand this would allow me to monitor near 100% accuracy no matter what the fridge is doing. Wouldn’t his be an accurate statement. And…

If Sense then determines that it found the fridge, I would just “attach it to the smart plug as well…am I understanding this right?

On a side note to all this, is there a chance Sense may think it found a second refrigerator, even if I don’t have a second…is that a thing? Due to slight variations…and what would I do with the faux discovery…

A qualified yes… You could put your fridge on a Sense supported energy monitoring smartplug, like the TP-Link KP115, and you would get a exact reading of the fridge every two seconds, in your fridge smartplug device.

If Sense ever detected / learned components of your fridge, of which there are likely 3-5, you can mark those detection as belonging to the device plugged into that smartplug. Some typical fridge components that show up as their own detections:

  • compressor (motor)
  • defroster (heat)
  • ice maker ice ejector (motor)
  • ice maker releaser (heat)
  • light
  • always on (never detectable by Sense)

I definitely recommend a smart plug (I have HS110, no longer available) like the KP115. Otherwise there was zero chance of getting full monitoring for my 2 year old Kenmore that’s one of the fancy mostly on ramp up/down French door units.

Some folks do find that Sense eventually does find pieces (usually defrost and ice maker heaters) of their refrigerators, than you tell Sense that the device is already covered by your KP, to avoid double tracking. Except for accessing the outlet, behind the refrige in a cabinet in many kitchens, and putting the HS 110 on a short extension cord…they are FAT) the whole process is easy