Device on smart plug showing up

I have a device that showed up at Heat 6 on Sense and I’m pretty sure its either the defrost or ice maker on my fridge BUT my fridge has been on a smart plug for over a year so I’m confused as to why its showing up as something else. I’ve looked back at the power meter for both and I’m seeing the same power spike at the same times for both. when I look at the power meter data for heat 6 its a lot more noisy and the power meter data for my refrigerator is a lot smoother. It took me a while to figure out what this was and when it showed up on Sense this morning I was running around the house trying to figure out what it was and while I was in the kitchen it sounded like something in my fridge turned off and sure enough Heat 6 bubble went away and the fridge bubble went down idle at the same time. Why doesn’t Sense recognize the power spike as being a device that is plugged into a smart plug?

Hey @mike_gessner - there are a few different things that could be occurring.
If you haven’t already, I might recommend trying to add ‘Heat 6’ to the “What’s plugged into this?” section in ‘Device Settings’.
To do so, clicking on the “Fridge” device, then navigate to ‘Device Settings’ via the gear icon in the top right-hand of the app.
Underneath ‘Smart Plug’, you’ll see “What’s plugged into this?”.
You can select multiple devices here, so I recommend just adding “heat 6” to what you’ve already defined as being plugged in.

If this doesn’t work, I would try reaching out to support ( Depending on the cause of the issue, we might be able to adjust some things on our end.