Stove detection question

Hi Ryan, I could not figure out how to ask community question, but it looks like I can ask you a question here.

I am a new user to Sense, almost one week now. However I had something strange happen last night when two devices were detected at the same time.

So Last night, I had two devices detected at exact same time, Stove and Heat 1, The Stove had no power data, the Heat 1, I identified as my electric smoker. Am I supposed to merge those, or just leave the Stove detection hanging out there with no Power Data? Am I supposed to rename heat 1, as elec smoker, or stove with no power data as elec smoker? or name them both, not sure why stove was detected but shows no power data.

Really it is a stove, and that would make more sense then just a generic other appliance, but the Stove detection show zero power data. So I am not quite sure what to do with it.

Any Suggestions?


Moved this to a new thread. As a general guideline, the best way to reach Sense for specific issues like this is via Support.

Sometimes devices will be detected with no historic backfill. Give it a few days and see if it fills in. In general, I try not to be too hasty with merges or deletions and try to just let Sense do it’s thing. That’s my approach and it tends to work out pretty well. Others here might have different ideas.

However, the Support team can actually take a look at your data, so if you want a more informed response, you should reach out to them directly.


Turn on the notification that tells you when the device turns on and off. I wouldn’t merge any devices until you’re pretty sure it’s actually different parts of the same device.


Thank, I un-merged and sure enough you were correct. It was actually detecting one of the burners of my stove top. Since I have not earned enough points to write question in the community I can only view and reply. That is why my original question was a reply.

I have another question, since my tv and computer systems are on APC backup devices, I really don’t expense sense to be able to detect them, because I am certain the APC effects the signals. So I am wanting to buy some cheap smart outlets that have the ifttt certification thing. I don’t need sense to be able to control the plugs, just know they are there and what they are. Will any smart plug get detected, for instance gosund has some inexpensive 10am IFTTT smart plugs. Can I just buy that and have sense detect them? Or is it only the couple of listed plugs that you will detect, mind you I don’t need sense to control them, just detect them.

Sense will only work with the Kasa HS110, HS300 and Wemo Insight … these are all energy usage monitoring smart plugs, that being the prime motivator behind the Sense integration.

In your case I would get the HS110.


Sense only talks to a few smart plugs, and I’ve had very good luck with HS110. Yu can find them for about $22 each various places, including WalMart. Be very sure you get the 110 (which has control and energy monitoring, not the 100, which is only control.

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Sense doesn’t treat Smart Plugs as a device to be detected, it treats them as a smart device to talk to for data (and control if you desire). So, only a few smart plug devices have been added to Sense’s communication protocols.

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