[Data Science Survey] - Are all of your refrigerators / freezers on smart plugs?

We’ve been gathering some great ground truth data from some of our test homes, but one category Data Science needs more data on is refrigeration. Almost everyone has their fridge/freezer on the same circuit as the rest of their kitchen, so the coffee maker, toaster, blender, microwave, etc all get mixed in with the fridge.

We are looking users with all of their home’s refrigerators and freezers on a smart plug (if you have multiple fridges and freezers, each one can be attached to a separate smart plug) to provide us with ground truth data from the smart plug. There is nothing required on your end other than answering the below and providing the information requested beneath the question.

Question: Are all of your home’s fridges/freezers on a smart plug?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you answer yes to this, please make sure you add:

  1. Make and model added for each device in the app (Device > Settings > Details)
  2. Name of the device in the app
  3. Permission in this thread for us to view your data

Yes you can use my data

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Mine is not, but I can put my fridge on a dedicated plug if that would be helpful.

I don’t have any on smart plugs because they are built-ins. But I have 3 built-in units that allegedly have power monitoring features as part of a smart-grid-ready standard, ANSI/CEA2045 and the USNAP alliance.

BTW- the industry alliance that was supposed to support this power standard is well-gone as is the website.

Yes, fridge/freezer combo in kitchen and upright freezer in spare room are on smart plugs with energy reading.
Model numbers are provided in plug details.
Have permission to access/use data

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Built in 42in GE monogram ZISS420DKCSS
Data : Yes

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My refrigerator is called “.Refrigerator” in the Sense app; you have permission to view the data. I’m using a KP115, which Sense sees sometimes but not always.

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My refrigerator is called “New Fridge” in the Sense app where I’ve added the make/model. You have permission to view my data. It’s on a KP115.

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Do ALL the fridge freezer type devices in our home need to be on smart plugs, or only some? I have 5, 2 are on plugs.

All need to be on a smart plug :slight_smile:

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Mine has been on a smart plug KP125 for about 12 hours.
Ive had sense from Feb 2019 and bought this Deep freezer in June of 2019. I though I had the compressor labeled correctly by did not. Im waiting for the compressor to cycle once to see what I have it labels as or if its even found it. Im not sure if I deleted all my old data from my old deep freezer. The compressor locked up while I was on vacation in 2019 and I seen a constant drain of ~1300 watts. I ended up sending my brother to my house and start flipping breakers on/off and figured out the it was the deep freezer. He took the meet out and sense paid for itself that week. The compressor was locked up and didn’t have any type of overheat protection.

Deep freezer is on a shared circuit with the light and 5 outlets in a pantry
Fridge (not on a smart plug yet) is on a dedicated circuit. Sense found the ice maker, water dispenser, compressor, defrost element, condenser fan motor and fridge light.

  1. Insignia NS-UZ14XWH7
  2. Deep Freezer (plug)
  3. Permission granted = always

Ill update this post when I get my fridge on a smartplug.

I answered no. My refrigerator is on a smart plug (called "Refrigerator), but I have a freezer (called Chest Freezer) that isn’t.

Sense has a good detection on my freezer though, so my data should be able to be separated.

You have permission to use my data if it is helpful.

I would take exception to this. I think most Sense users are in the middle-to-upper class, which probably means they don’t have the older kitchens in America. Modern code stipulate many circuits in a kitchen, so the likelihood of all those appliances and the fridge on the same circuit seems highly unlikely.

Back on topic, I answered no because my old, 100% basic, fridge with bottom freezer and no ice maker was natively discovered by Sense. My modern inverter-based fridge and freezer IS on a KP115. It is an LG LRFXC2406S and has two ice makers. It is named Kasa - Kitchen Fridge and if you ever expand you data pool, yes, you can use my data. BTW, my natively detected fridge is named Basement Fridge.

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Thanks for pointing out that part of @JustinAtSense ‘s message. I concur - my newish built-ins (Sub-zeros) required separate breakers for each, so not combined with other kitchen appliances.

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Samsung Kitchen Combo Side by Side on a KP115 and separate circuit from rest of the typical Kitchen Appliances. Opal Ice Maker on a KP115 on same circuit as Refrigerator.

Plum Wine Dispenser also in the Kitchen on a KP115 and different circuit than the others. It has a refrigeration feature so might be considered a mini fridge (wine fridge).

Also have another Side by Side Combo unit in Garage as well as a Stand-alone Freezer in Garage. Both are on separate KP115 but both are on same electrical circuit.

Do what you like with the data.

Permission Granted to View All Data - Granted.

Make / Model | “” | Notes

  1. U-Line / ULN-75BEVSS-01 | “BevCenterFridge” | Permanently Off
  2. WineEnthusiast / 272 03 18 | “WineFridge-Basement” | High Always On & Was Natively Detected
  3. GE Appliances / GFE28GYNBFS | “Main Fridge” | Natively Detected
  4. Whirlpool / GC3SHAXVS00 | “Basement Fridge” |

As of 1415hrs today, my only fridge is now on a KP125 outlet.

Make and model added for each device in the app (Device > Settings > Details)

  • Kenmore 253.56943600
    Name of the device in the app
  • “Fridge” (TP-Link name: Fridge_Outlet)
    Permission in this thread for us to view your data
  • permission granted.