How to delete/merge Duplicate devices?

I put my kitchen fridge on a TP-Link KP115 smart plug. I did not want to mess with the multiple devices (defrost/compressor/lights/…) . Now, Sense (bubbles) reports two bubbles for the fridge. One via the KP-115, and another one based on its own ‘signature’ detection. The power numbers (W) are very close, and usually the KP115 reading is slightly higher than that which Sense detects itself.

Also, and while I’m writing this, the dishwasher kicked in, and now I see two more devices: Heat3 @ 546 Watts, and Dishwasher at 585 W. Now, my dishwasher is on a dedicated CT/DCM circuit. The difference between the two is because the total dishwasher consumption includes both heat and what it takes to spin the motor.

What is really confusing is that in both Bubbles View and Live Meter, the total consumption is at 1600W. If I add the individual Watts in each bubble, it comes out very close to the same number (~ 4-5 W). There is some magic math that’s a bit beyond me here …

I believe the total Wattage displayed (top-right corner) is from the two main CTs, whereas the individual bubbles are from specific calculations and DCMs. If that is true, then how come I have duplicate bubbles?

How do I clean this up i.e., remove the duplicate bubbles and devices? Long term I will remove the CT from the dishwasher and move it to the AC (when the summer comes). For now though, i’ll leave it as is.

Any thought/comments?

I confirmed this for both the fridge and the dishwasher. In both cases, when either is running, I consistently get 2 bubbles for each:

  1. Fridge: I get the KP115 reading PLUS another bubble based on what Sense has detected
  2. Dishwasher: I get two bubbles, DCM and Heat 2, with very close readings

In both instances (fridge/dishwasher), their respective bubbles come on/off at the same time.

Still, a very nagging question: Why does the total Wattage includes BOTH the value calculated by Sense PLUS whatever the DCM/KP115 is reporting?

Devices on smartplugs (or really the smart plugs themself) and DCM devices both have an option in the Manage tab to tell them which native detections they are monitoring, should Sense eventually detect a component or two or three of the smart plug / DCM monitored device. That’s how you stop the double bubble / double counting. Sense opts to use just the smart plug / DCM data.

Thank you. Still, this does not explain why the TOTAL power (Watts) includes BOTH smart-plug (or DCM) + whatever Sense has calculated. The Total Wattage should NOT be calculated as the sum of all devices, it should instead be the MEASURED value from the two main CTs

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You’re right- total power is measured on the CTs. I thought your issue was the double-bubbles - if they are double counting, you will have more usage in the bubbles than total usage.