Unknown Heat Devices ...?

I have most of my ‘heat’ devices on DCMs. The fridge and freezer are on their own KP115, and the dishwasher is on a Sense CT. And yet, Sense somehow detected 3 additional heat sources/devices today … Could it be that these heat devices are being ‘double’ detected? I thought I understood how the KP115’s interface with Sense, but now no longer sure. And, I can’t think of any other heat devices, outside of everything on DCMs.


What is the wattage of the new heat devices.
Don’t think of heat as just what you use to heat the house.
A toaster could show up as a heat device. Electric cooktop, Keurig. etc…

Also, how long have your fridge/freezer been on smart plugs.
From my experience, Sense process’s data in batches. So if you just put the fridge/freezer on the smart plug recently, its possible that Sense processed data from last month and came up with the detection from that data, not from the last week.

Yes of course, heat could be anything from toaster to kettle, to drying element in dishwasher …
The KP115s have been there for a good 4-6 weeks.

Sense “tries” not to do a native detection of devices on DCMs and smartplugs, but isn’t always successful. @ben , highlighted on reason - hard for Sense to ignore a trail of data that existed prior to the smartplug being installed. Plus the smartplug on / off data might be far more convoluted due to many different components, making it hard to use the smartplug data as a filter/gate. One example - I have DCM on a subpanel that feeds 4 240V floor heating loops that each go on and off on different thermostats at different set points. Sense has detected several of the floor loops after the DCM was installed.

Here are two of them:

Heat 1 - 448 W
Heat 5 - 484 W

They seem very close.

Look at those detections and see if they match up with any of your smartplugs.

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That’s the plan … though in all honesty I thought Sense did that already, to avoid double-detection … unless I misunderstood how Sense works.

Smart Plug and Dedicated Circuit Monitoring have an almost identical set-up requirement, prompting you to add “What’s being monitored?” from your existing device list. This is the step that prevents duplication of multiple devices, so if it isn’t completed you may see that device duplicated.

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