3 Weeks in - 13 Total devices, 8 unknowns.. Need help identifying

I installed Sense on 2/6… Having issues pinpointing the unknown devices…

Today, for example, it found 4 devices! I was all excited but none of them I have no idea what they can be…

Heat 1 and Device 2 constantly cycle even when no one is home… How does everyone go about finding these?


For me, setting ON alerts on one or two unknown devices, is the quickest way to find them if they have some visual/audio manifestation. Heat oriented devices can be trickier - anything from an instant on water heater to a toaster to an ice maker, to heating unit, to a toilet, and more… Sense woke me up to all the devices we had wired into our house.

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Yea, I do set up ON alerts but it’s frustrating because we will be doing nothing and I’ll get an alert… It’s not lights and sans shutting off breakers to try and identify it (which I will do) it makes it so difficult…

Like the devices that are firing on/off now when no ones home… It can’t be anything obvious at that point and we don’t have anything crazy in our house…

Gas hot water heater.

Gas furnace.

Gas dryer (but no one is even home to run it right now)

One thing Sense does do for sure, is get you thinking!!

Sense certainly increases awareness.

I see it’s not named your HVAC fan, you have a large motor there - that could be it. Try correlating.

A couple of unknow small loads could be furnace related, valves, etc.

Do you have any circulators in your hot water system?

Just random ideas.

Setting on alerts helped me on most of my quests to name unknown devices

good luck

Seems like a lot of the stuff I had trouble identifying turned out to be something in the fridge. I think the defroster and ice maker both have heating elements that can be identified as heat devices, and at least for my main refrigerator, it is made up of at least four or five devices that were discovered separately.

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How would you even identify these though?

I would just turn off the fridge if I saw one of them running. If it went away, I figured it was part of it and merged it into the device named “Fridge”. For the ice maker, I dumped all the ice out to force it to run and then saw which ones were running somewhat consistently. The ice maker was hard at first because we don’t use a lot of ice, so it doesn’t run all that much.

Also, I posted some of the usage graphs, and the folks here helped narrow it down to certain things to check.

Off-topic, but how’d you get that spreadsheet? Doesn’t look manual, is it a IFTTT thing? I don’t see an applet that’ll do this…

Made it myself mate… In google docs…

Gotcha, nicely done…I’m too lazy to do it manually! :slight_smile:

Holding out for an automated solution.

@kmccb - One question for you: do any of the devices you are trying to track down have any “Community Names” suggestion in the Sense app? That was part of the Sense v18 release (see What’s New in v18). You can see them either as a “card” in device details, or if thats been dismissed in the past, if you go to rename the device you should those there as well.

Thanks for the reply! Yes, I’ve reviewed the Community Names and none are what the devices are… :frowning:

Gas furnace has a furnace igniter, my furnace runs about 1 to 2 minutes 227w while lighting. Gas oven has an igniter bar 290w mine runs whenever the oven is heating, Cycles on and off once temperature is reached. I hope this may be of some help.

As far as the fridge goes I was getting a heating cycle a couple of minutes just before I heard the ice dump. Followed by a short spike as the valve opens to fill the ice tray.

Set each device for timeline and both on/off notifications to on. If your not home then it could be a fridge, freezer but more than likely part of your HVAC system. My fridge was identified but one of my mystery devices is also my fridge, the same fridge.
As far as your HVAC. Let’s say your heat pump is electric and it’s running. There will be several devices you may have to merge. A heat pump has a compressor motor, outdoor fan, indoor fan and up to three stages of heat strips. So a heat pump can actually show up as six different devices. My sense picked up my heat pump and correctly identified it but I have a feeling when the heat strips kick in at the two power levels I have, I will have me devices under mystery heat.

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So how do I find “ on alerts “ ?

Try working through this

note therein

and refine perhaps with custom notifications

Just go to device page and choose the detection you want alerts for. I’m the upper right hand corner, click the settings icon.
You should now be on the “manage” tab.
Just select what you want from the basic notifications there.
Make sure in your phone setting that the app has permission to send notifications. If it does not, the Sense app will let you know with an orange message bar.