Why is everything Sense finds a "refridgiator"?



I’ve had the sense active for about 3 months now. It’s found about 20 devices - mostly small ones with a few exceptions. The large stuff like electric stoves, AC etc. are still undetected. What’s even stranger, the last few months I’ve had “refridgiator” suggested pretty much every time it thinks it’s found a device. Now it’s showing 3 fridges going - we only have 2! Every time I delete the device that I know isn’t a fridge it comes back as one.

I need ideas to figure out what device it actually is, so I can just rename the device(s) it thinks are fridges and get beyond this current frustration.


Some ideas that operate similarly are dehumidifier (possibly evenbuilt into HVAC system?), air conditioners, heat pump on a modern water heater, freezer/icemaker, motorized devices, devices with compressors… Send a pic of the signature in this discussion thread.


I feel lucky. I’m only six weeks in and have found and separated my mini split. Window AC, dehumidifier, heat pump water heater…along with 13 other appliances.


Signature?? What are you referring to?


Like in your app, you’ll click on devices at the bottom menu, click on the unknown fridge device, scroll to the bottom of the screen and you’ll see this…
As you can see, this one is named fridge 4 and MachoDrone hasn’t taken time to hunt it down to see what it is. This signature pic above does look like a fridge, but we have two fridges and a chest freezer in our home.

Here’s another device I haven’t hunted down for months… This one’s been tough for MachoDrone to find:
You’ll see the first image, clicking on the link power meter signature pants it up in a another screen where you can scroll the time line and pinch to zoom for a bigger picture:

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Not sure I would call that a signature

Here’s the latest re-discovery of a fridge. I delete it, and the day after it comes back. Other than knowing it’s not a fridge, I’m clueless. Some of these “house hold” items discovered don’t have activity for weeks.
Here are other examples - the “washer” doesn’t really show up consistently with the washer. It may come on for less than a minute during a cycle - not consistently. Not when it’s spinning, heating etc. And yet, it claims to be a washer:
Another example is this “motor” - no clue what it is, nor how to figure it out:

Common for all of this, fridges or not, is that I’m clueless to what it’s finding. The obvious guess work doesn’t help, and unless you happen to be where the device is that it turning on, AND you can see if a device is active or not, I don’t know what this history is good for? Except for a few obvious things like the garage door, sump-pump etc. it hasn’t been possible for me to really confirm what it tells me - and it’s rather obscene to let me “pick” the type of device - I have no way of telling.

But I do know how many fridges I have. It’s not 4 :slight_smile: There are two fridges active, both have built in freezers, separate compressors for that etc. Yet, the AC, owens, stove etc. are not found - we use them EVERY day. And because of that, I get a lot of screens looking like this (when cooking etc):

I’m pretty clueless about how to get the AC and other big appliances on here. I got sense because I want to know how effective the AC and major appliances are. And yet, the ONLY thing that’s not on Sense are those devices.


I ran into some of the same things you have, just not as many it seems. I have run into where a dryer was discovered twice, Dryer and Dryer 2. I only have 1 dryer, and it turned out that depending on the phase that the dryer is in, it showed up as a different device. I merged them together and it now reports more accurately for that device. I do still have some mystery devices that I am trying to isolate by turning off some breakers and seeing my the patterns continue. It has helped with a freezer in the garage that came in as a refrigerator. Very close pattern i guess. But to verify which device it was, i waited until it was running and unplugged it. It went to off in Sense and when i plugged it back in and it kicked on, it reappeared.