When is a fridge not a fridge?


I installed my Sense on Tuesday. I got my first devices sooner than expected, starting early this morning.

Sense seems confused about my fridge. I’m wondering if this will clear up with further learning (it does show my fridge is “currently learning” - about 66% - under device detection).

I’ve had several times today when the fridge comes on, but Sense doesn’t report it (I have alerts turned on). Most recently, I had the opposite occurred - when my oil boiler came on, Sense (incorrectly) reported my fridge turned on.

Will this fix itself with further learning, or do I need to worry?


I’ve seen this a few times, most people have I think. Mostly it seems to work itself out, but some people report consistent confusion - in which case it’s time to file a report. I also have occasional times where things are missed, like a water heater, once a day or every other day or something. I’ve got solar, though, which seems like it’s throwing consistency off a little.

Hang in there, may take a few days or a few weeks.


It seems that the original fridge device has morphed into the boiler - yesterday it was detecting the boiler more and more and the refrigerator less and less. Last night it found “fridge 2”, and it seems to have decided #1 is the boiler and #2 is the fridge.


Welcome to the world of machine learning (or not) !


I had a toaster last week that turned into a dishwasher and then back to the toaster (I think).

I always name things with a “maybe” until I’m certain it’s got it right.


I use a “?” in the name until I’m sure !


So I renamed the first fridge as “Boiler”, and “Fridge #2” as Refrigerator. I turned on alerts for both. Every time I hear one start, I get the corresponding alert. I have not noticed either running without the alert, so I think it’s safe to to say my concern was premature - Sense is correctly picking up both devices, not missing them, and no longer confusing them.


Apparently, a freezer is no longer a freezer as of three days ago. My freezer has been reporting pretty accurately for about three weeks until Wednesday when it suddenly stopped reporting. So out of the 7 devices that were originally detected during week one and were accurately reporting, only four somewhat accurately report now.


My gas dryer was working fine all week, today my sense monitor does not see at all. We have been using the dryer today all morning on and off, and sense does not see it. I keep saying it, and I will say it again, this product does not perform accurately and is unreliable.


Interesting. As of Fri, my well pump now shows as unknown…


Per a recommendation from Tech Support, see Settings -> Sense Status -> Currently Learning section at the bottom under Device Detection. That may give some insight into confidence level of devices. For instance, I am certain the microwave it identified is correct since I get accurate notifications when it goes on and off, yes the progress bar for that device is only about 1/3 along under Currently Learning.


Actually, the well pump had progressed past the “currently learning” phase. But no matter, it’s back, and it brought its friend the dehumidifier the party (detected as “AC”).


You imply that naming matters. Other than the icon used, I’d be interested in how much you believe it matters.

I ask because I have several heat-related appliances that are identified as one. My Sense has been installed for just over 3 weeks. My oven, has been joined by a toaster oven, deep fryer, popcorn popper, and as of this morning, dishwasher. To keep track I’ve been updating the name (and manufacturer) so that now the device is named “Oven or Fryer or Toaster Oven or Popcorn Popper or Dishwasher”.

Do you think I’m messing up device detection by renaming? I’d prefer for these appliances to be identified separately.

BTW, the device icon did change from an oven, to a toaster, and now a dishwasher, as I made these edits.


It only matters insofar as me being unsure of what they are. I’ve only been deleting “maybe” when Sense has been consistently identifying them for a couple of months.

As far as I know, the name is not something that the Sense team pays attention to, and the icon is only for effect :slight_smile:

I’ve got one device that keeps bouncing between appliances as well, same as I mentioned only now it’s the stove top element too! I’m hopeful that eventually it’ll settle on one, but am pessimistic for the time being.


Wow, a couple of months… I’ve been waiting a couple of days. Maybe I’m being too optimistic.

Good to to know I’m probably not screwing with the detection. I’ll just have to be more patient and hope it sorts itself out.


For sure. Give it some time. Sense seems to be improving as more and more users are added. There are setbacks occasionally, but overall progress seems to be forward :slight_smile:

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