Fridge Detection Issues

Sense identified the following refrigerators (in this order):

  1. April 12th Sense identifies “Fridge”. Renamed to “Samsung Fridge” (127w)
  2. April 13th Sense identifies “Fridge 2”. Renamed “Frigidaire Fridge” (183w)
  3. April 20th Sense identifies “Fridge”. Renamed “Wine Fridge” (72w)
  4. April 20th Sense drops “Frigidaire Fridge” from device list.

Does anyone know why the “Frigidaire Fridge” is no longer showing up in my device list?

Hi @michael34, and welcome to the community!

This sounds like something the support team might need to look into to figure out exactly what’s going on. I might suggest submitting a ticket to them at so they can help you.

Thanks for your support. Enjoy the weekend!

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