What are unnamed devices?

In the process of identifying devices in your home, Sense may be able to recognize the type of device, like a heater or motor, but need some help identifying exactly what this device could be. With a little detective work, you can rename these devices to get a more complete list of your own devices, while also contributing to the entire Sense community by giving our machine learning algorithms a tip that can help them detect these devices in the future.

Types of unnamed devices - what could they be?

Here are just a few examples of devices that might appear as “unnamed” to help kick off your detective work.

*NOTE: any of the above could be a single component within a device. For example, most dryers have both a heating element to heat up the air and a motor element to tumble the clothes. As Sense continues to learn both about your house and devices in general these may be combined and renamed by our intelligent modeling system.

Renaming Strategies
These are a few of the features inside the Sense App that you can use to help figure out what these devices might be:

Timeline Review : Scroll through your timeline to see when these unnamed devices are firing. Is it at regular intervals? The same time of day each day? If your timeline is too crowded, temporarily remove some of the devices that appear frequently, like a fridge or furnace.

Device statistics : In the Devices view, you can select any individual device and see statistics for Average Run Time, Usage this month, Trends across the past week, and a Power meter display for the past 24 hours. This is also the view where you can rename the device, enable alerts, and choose whether or not you want it displayed on your timeline.

Notifications : Inside that Devices screen, choose one or more unnamed devices and enable the notifications. When you see the notification on your phone, stop and think - what may have just turned on? If you are not home, it might be something automatic, like your hot water heater. If you are home, did someone just manually start something? The dishwasher? A hair dryer?

Initial Naming : Mark the names you give devices in a way that indicates if you aren’t sure. For example: add a question mark “Oven?” or in parentheses (Oven), and test your assumptions over a few days to see if your hunch was correct!

Standard Naming to help the Sense community : No matter how you enter the name, try to use at least one standard device word or phrase (correct spelling is appreciated!). For example: change “Unnamed heat 2” to “Basement Dishwasher?" and not to “Kenmore 1234” or “Magical dish device."