Device Detection Progress

I’ve had my Sense installed since Dec 25, 2016, Christmas day.

PROGRESS (Sense Device | Renamed)

By Dec 27 (day 3) it had detected:

  1. Unnamed heat 1| Baseboard heater
  2. Unnamed heat 2 | Instant hot water tank
  3. Fridge | Beverage cooler

Today (Dec 29) it found three (Edit: four!) more devices!
4. Unnamed heat 3 <=Edit: Jan 2: I renamed this one dishwasher as it is the heating element in the dishwasher
5. Unnamed heat 4 <=Edit: I renamed this Dryer. It was originally 2200 Watts or so, but now it’s listed as 20.
6. Unnamed motor <= Edit: this device has since disappeared… Maybe it was the garage? Who knows.

7. Garage door (my garage has two doors, but this seems to be for either one)

Edit Jan 1:
8. Dryer (now I have two Dryers… Ugh. Wish there was a way to combine the two)
9. Microwave

Funny thing about new devices 4,5, and 6 is that they show 0 Watts for average power and don’t show having ever run in the history. Will that update over time? Or is this a glitch? (EDIT: It did indeed update and change over time) I realize it’s pretty early yet, so I’ll update this if there is any change.

It will update over time (and may even forget it). It seems like it starts to see a pattern and tells you about it before committing to identifying it; occasionally it scratches its head, crosses it off and goes back to the drawing board if something doesn’t add up :slight_smile:

I have three unnamed motors, and they have been that way for a while and show no usage. Everyday I am hoping to see some usage on them so I can figure what they are.