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I have been using my Sense for about 2 weeks now and my device detection has slowed down. I noticed in the Sense Status screen, Sense is currently learning an “Unnamed Motor” and its been stuck at ~75% for several days.

My question: Does Sense need to complete learning this “Unnamed Motor” before it learns a new device or is it learning other devices in parallel?

I ask as I have a workshop which I only use on the weekends and sometimes not for several weeks. If Sense needs more power cycles on some of workshop tools it will be several weeks before this gets done and I would hate for it to be stuck on this device for an extended period.



Not much help but I have to wonder how good it will be at identifying power tools - I assume you mean things like table saws and drills and belt sanders? None of them have a real predictable power draw, sometimes they’re on full speed for 3 min, sometimes low speed for a few seconds. I think devices that aren’t consistent in their power requirements will be the hardest to ID quickly…


I worked heavily in my shop for about 4 days last week and I was very surprised at what Sense found.

I have most of my large stationary tools connected to a dust collection system. Each large tool has an automatic dust collection blast gate. When the tool is turned on, a blast gate opens and the dust collector is turned on which is plugged into a relay box due to high start up current.

Sense found the Dust Collector, the relay and the blast gate… but no tools.

My concern is that Sense is 3/4ths done with some other tool and it will be stuck on that tool until I work in the shop again.


In my limited experience watching devices being picked up, I don’t think you should be worried (about that specifically). A while back I had microwave and water heater being “learned,” yet a few new devices were identified here and there during that learning period.


I’ve had a similar experience to NJHaley.

One or two devices show as being learned under device detection making slow progress. Suddenly a different device gets fully discover having never showed a progress.
Currently there is a Dryer and an unnamed motor which are about 75-90% under device detection. Both have been over 60% for about a week then two days ago an Unnamed heat 3 showed up as an identified device which I did not see a learning progress.


More often, I have one discovered, then it seems like it starts paying closer attention to it in a more in-depth learning phase. Meanwhile other things are ID’d.


I’ve been stuck on learning a microwave and an unknown motor for like 3 weeks now.


I’ve had a dryer being learned for months (while Sense has already added three devices tagged as dryer by them) and it’s still going. I have one dryer, BTW. Meanwhile other devices never seen under learning have turned up. Don’t fret about the incompleteness of the learning list right now.


Thanks to all. I have seen new devices discovered recently and it seems they are being discovered in parallel to what is displayed in the “Currently Learning” status.


Yes, device learning is indeed happening in parallel, so one device still waiting to get better won’t block the others. And you are right that for infrequently used devices it may take longer to find – and may even get stuck at a certain percentage, or even go down if Sense just isn’t able to become confident enough (the progress is based on device confidence, not amount of time).


Are my expectations too high? I’ve had sense installed for a month and it’s only really identified a microwave and a few other unnamed things: Unnamed heat 1 & 2 and Unnamed motor 1, 2, 3, & 4. Is there anything I can do to push this forward?


I don’t think so. It does help them if you rename the unnamed devices, and especially if you can put in the make and model number, etc :wink:


Where is “currently learning”? Is that a beta feature?


Hamburger - settings - sense monitor, all the way down at the bottom. You may not have any devices there. I’ve got half a dozen - water heater, coffee pot and a bunch of unnamed motors (which aren’t in my device listing otherwise).


Thanks @NJHaley I have looked there as that would be the logical place and didn’t see it before. But I got it now, it’s learning a “Microwave” - and it already found 3 others (we only own 1)


I think the explanation is that there will be a microwave showing up differently based on power settings, for example. Each iteration looks like a microwave, but they look different because they use different power levels.


Is the “Learning” status still in the current app deployment? I have been watching mine for a couple weeks now, but it only shows the device count for ones it has already learned. I have been notified of 3 new devices over that time, but failed to see them as “learning”.


‘Learning’ doesn’t seem to mean anything. I seem to get new devices all at once (every few weeks) and the learning stays the same.


@jeff_barnett, this is a section that needs some work from our end and is slated to get some love soon. Unfortunately, it currently doesn’t accurately reflect our current detection processes.

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