Sense is detecting devices that are never turned on


My Sense monitor keeps telling me it has detected new devices, which is great, except that they are all devices that have never been turned on. I have now a bunch of “Unnamed heat” and “Unnamed motor” devices that have all been on zero times, and have consumed 0.0 kWh, and the Sense app wants me to identify what they are.

Maybe the Sense monitor is so good that it can detect devices I haven’t even plugged in yet?

Maybe it’s so good that it can detect devices I haven’t even purchased yet?

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I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out a motor 1 and heat 1 that showed up a couple days ago. They show no usage. I thought maybe it was the washer and dryer since both were on that day but it’s not them. I did use my air compressor that day but the motor doesn’t seem to be that either. My Heat and A/C are on another panel I’m not currently monitoring so it’s not them. Not the hair dryer. I’m only a few days into the installation so I’m sure things will start making sense as Sense learns my house.

I currently have a motor that sense is learning. It may be my main refrigerator as I have no other devices with motors or fans in the house that are on the panel I’m monitoring.


Sometimes it’s something that’s used only rarely, like a blow dryer or table saw or in our case once it was part of our heat pump.

Other times it’s a made up device. Was it something that was identified and then quickly scrapped by Sense as a badly modeled appliance? Dunno.


I have had devices appear, then nothing happen with them for about a week. This most recent batch of devices showed up, then all 5 started reporting data on the same day about a week later.


I was told my dishwasher was on 18 times yesterday.


[quote=“Howard, post:5, topic:518, full:true”]
I was told my dishwasher was on 18 times yesterday.[/quote]
Maybe you should rinse your dishes before putting them in! :grinning:


Sense could have still been learning them. Sense told me it found two refrigerators but no data would show up when they were running. I noticed that in Settings/Sense Monitor, they were showing under currently learning. As soon as Sense finished learning them, they started reporting. Today Sense found a microwave but isn’t reporting any data yet. It’s still under currently learning so I’m guessing it’ll start reporting once Sense has learned it.


Same happened to me with my most recent devices. The device from last week took 5 days after it appeared on on my list before it started reporting.

I still don’t know what it is but but Sense reports a slight spike in usage when it switches on every hour so it was likely on the 5 days before it started reporting


This has been fairly common with my devices. Sense will find something, but won’t include the previous data related to that device in the reporting. Give it a few days to a week and you’ll probably start seeing those devices turning on & registering data. I typically set all my unknown devices to give me a notification when they turn on, then I go searching for what they could be once I get the alert, but again, there’s pretty much always been a few days in between Sense finding a device and it starting to register (for whatever reason).


Hi folks -

We realize this is a frustrating one (when Sense tells you it has detected a new device but then doesn’t show any device history for it). The reason for this is that today we only show data for that device after your monitor has gotten the new detected device model. What we are going to start doing is sending the monitor the historic data for that device running from when we first detected it and started training the model. In other words, we have some historic data which was used for learning & training the model (because otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to detect the device!), but today its not available in the app.

This should help alleviate the frustration of seeing a new device detected without any history, and should also help you hunt down the unnamed Heat & Motor devices Sense finds.


That’s good to hear I am look forward to more historical data on new devices. However the issue I had (and maybe others) is when sense is not necessarily related to historical data.

The problem as I see it is when sense is telling me it has the new devices, but it’s a week or more before they truly show up. Perhaps it should be a bit more clear on when we should expect the model to start showing the new devices going forward.

This would save from the running around trying to find devices that won’t be discovered for another week.


@mattlebaugh - we actually just pushed a firmware update 2 days ago that fixes that exact problem. That was a bug we discovered that prevented newly detected devices from actually having their models correctly run on your monitor (thus preventing you from seeing them turn on or off). So going forward this should no longer be an issue! Sorry for the inconvenience.


That’s great news! Thanks for letting me know.

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