New vs old devices


I expected Sense to detect newer devices first, and for the most part, it has. Philips Hue system, the new refrigerator, etc. Second thing Sense detected, however: my 19 year old stove top. Fifth thing: my 13 year old HVAC.

Is there an master device “library” Sense continuously updates / consults to cross reference devices? If so, are new devices or new appliances added simply from the field or does Sense corp build that library separately?

Just curious…


I think sometimes it is just the opposite - appliances and HVAC with newer motors and complex electronic speed control have more complicated waveform “signatures”, than simple older motors, so recognition takes longer. Hue is a special case since Sense has a magic interface to the Hue bridge. Sense uses a library of Machine Learning “predictors” to decide which devices have turned on and off based on minute time and phase measurements of your house’s mains.


Thanks, Kevin, for your insight. I suspected the machine learning bit - and the “magical” knowledge of some products - and that would seem to explain why some things that have been on literally non-stop since installation (almost three months) have yet to be discovered. If their simple and common power signatures are not distinguished in any way (ceiling fans, power bricks) it might be a stretch to believe Sense would ever differentiate them from the “always on / background” consumption signature.


Things like fans that run continuously, or nearly so, and power bricks, are likely not to be identified. The fans because they never show their on or off spikes (because they are always running). The bricks because they in most cases show just a little continuous trickle of very small on and off events that can get overshadowed by all the other activity in the house. Some people who have “quieter” houses have had larger bricks identified, but Sense hasn’t spotted any of the many in my house.