28 days later, no zombie but devices discovered


I installed the Sense 4 weeks ago. This is my short review and device learning progress.

Devices learned:
Day 1
Gas dryer igniter

Day 3

Day 5
Garage door 1
Gas Dryer 1

Day 6
Fridge (showed learning in device detection)

Day 12
Dishwasher 1
Dishwasher 2
Garage door 2 (showed learning in device detection)

Day 13
Gas Dryer 2 (showed learning in device detection)

Day 23
Unnamed heat 3

Current Devices in Detection:
Dryer ~95%
Unnamed motor ~80%

On Day 11 and Day 26 the sense status in the app showed offline. Notification still worked but the CT Signals went blank. I reset the breaker to get it back online.

Garage doors: I have two garage doors with identical hardware(doors and opener). Both are used at least twice daily as cars leave and return but share thesame device identity in sense. Most of the time Garage door 1 is active when the door is opening, Garage door 2 active when closing.

Toaster: The device conficts with my clothes iron and Actifry.

Microwave: I have a feeling this device is reporting some usage under unknown. It shows ~940W but manufacturer spec says 1200W. Thinking and writing about it about now, I suppose I could look at the change in the unknown bubble the next time I use the microwave to confirm if it is an actual issue.

Unnamed heat 3: This was learned a few days ago but has yet to run.

Other behavior observed:
I think the profile from Dishwasher2 is slowly merging into Dishwasher1. I only have one dishwasher in my house.

I also think the profile from the Gas dryer1 and Gas dryer igniter are merging into Gas dryer2. I only have one dryer in my house.

Email notifications of new devices learned are sometimes a few days late. I only received email for 7 of the 12 devices discovered. The worst was Unnamed heat 3…It appeared in the app on Day 23 but I got the email notification on
Day 26. Quicker notification will be much easier to back track the appliances that were on.

My Stove, water heater and furnace are natural gas so might be a while before the electronics in them are picked up but I surprised that my furnace fan which runs at low speed 20 hrs(11am - 7am) daily is not discovered. It is in the 50W range so maybe it needs to toggle on/off more for sense to get a full profile. I would also love to see my TV appear which is aroun 130W. My washer is still missing from the list, I expected it will appear shortly after the dryer since they’ve run thesame number of cycles.

Overall I’m happy with the progress.

Whole House Surge Suppressor thwarting detection?

Unnamed heat 3 has been traced to my Actifry.

Fridge and Toaster are now having a hard time detecting on/off state.Dryer which was ~95% and Unnamed motor which was ~80% in device detection disappeared.

My device count is still 12.


Today is 10 weeks, my device count is up to 14 in the app. Following up from my last update, the fridge and toaster are recovering the detection of their on/off states…not quite 100% for the fridge but I’d wager over 85%.

On Day 47, these two got identified.

  • Gas furnace igniter ~63W
  • Water heater freeze protection element ~138W

Sense discovered the water heater as an unnamed heat that ran for 12 mins. It took a while to track down because my unit is on-demand, indoor and gas fired. I noticed it ran more often overnight and kept running even when the house was occupied so it took a lot of head scratching. While it was running I noticed which Main showed the increased usage and closed closer at the devices on that Main leg.

Other updates…I noticed my Gas dryer igniter is no longer reporting. It seems to have fully merged into gas dryer1 and gas dryer2…both gas dryers devices seem to be slowing merging too so that’s another positive.

I’m a still hoping to see my washer and TV soon

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