Blog: What's that Unnamed Device?

Good afternoon. Hope everyone’s well!

We released a blog today that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks with Data Science looking at large, multi-component devices in the home and what Sense “sees” when it’s detected a new device. I assume a lot of entry-level Sense users, like myself, don’t truly know what’s using electricity in a lot of these big-ticket appliances. Hopefully, it helps as an educational (and troubleshooting!) resource for some of our users.

A massive “thank you” to @ixu and @kevin1 for some crucial feedback on my first draft of this, and their support throughout writing it.

Don’t fret if your specific type of appliance isn’t mentioned here. We’re hoping to add to this over time and include more variations of “different” types of these devices - ex: multi-compressor fridges, mini-splits, etc.

Have a device you’d like us to look at in the future? Share in the comments below and we’ll take a look when we’re researching potential new additions :slight_smile:.


When I have a “heat” device for the refrigerator, how should I proceed? keep it apart or merge it?

@jorge.encarnacion If you’re confident that the heat is in fact your defroster, you shouldn’t have a problem merging it. That being said, keeping it separate and labeling the heat device “Fridge Defroster” has advantages as well, as you’re able to keep an eye on it’s activity and gut-check it’s accuracy over time.

And what category I have to put the defroster?

For type, “Mystery heat” would make the most sense here (until you decide you’re confident enough to merge). Then go ahead and name it whatever is most helpful for you, probably “Fridge Defroster”. As for Community Names, you don’t have to select anything. You’re free to set the “name” and “type” fields to whatever is most convenient for you.

Thank you @JustinAtSense

To merge or not to merge…

I have 2 TPLINK HS110 plugs being used for two of our split inverter AC. Everything went smooth. I can see the power being consumed by each.

However over the past 48hrs a new device was detected. Motor2. This seems to be cycling on and off while one of the AC units is running. So my question is the power consumed by this motor already accounted for from the TPLINK or should this be merged to the TPLINK connected device? Thanks

Well it’s not the AC?? Kill the power to all the AC’s at the board and the motor2 still sucks juice upto 1Kw… mysterious… need to kill each breaker to find out the culprit. Kids have online school so don’t want to interrupt their classes now…