Help me understand my devices, please


It took a little while to get the install working well but now my Sense software is detecting a lot of devices. Some are straightforward such as Fridge, Fridge Light (which I was able to correlate), Garage Door.

Others are a little more complicated and confusing.

Let me tell you about my house, it’s pretty standard:

We have a fridge, a garage door opener, a lot of vampire power devices
We have AC (which hasn’t been a factor yet, it’s cold in Boston)
We have a high efficiency oil burner with:

  • four zones (upstairs, downstairs, basement, living room) and a water heater
  • three circulators (seems to be one right at the beginning of the water circuit, one at the end and one for the water heater)
  • four electric valves

We also have a baseboard electrical heater in the kitchen (the ones that warm your feet when they are cold an my wife tells me she runs it often during the day to keep the pipes from freezing but I don’t think that’s been identified.

I’ll try to attach screenshots but I think I’ll be limited being a new poster.

Here are my questions:

  1. I think I have identified a deice to me the Furnace Blower (I think it’s a thing). What surprises me (I guess it’s the point of Sense) is that it is one most of the day and is responsible for 12% of my daily use. Does that sound right? It was initially identified as a motor.
  2. Sense has identified an Unnamed heat 1 device which is high wattage (2206W) and goes on a few times a day for a short amount of time. Probably oil furnace related but what do you think it is.
  3. Unnamed heat 2 runs very rarely for a consumption of 461w. It’s been identified but I can’t imagine what it is.
  4. Unnamed heat 3 and Unnamed motor 2 seem to be the same device as they use exactly the same W. It does seem to identify as the latter more often and quickly fires every day a few times
  5. Unnamed heat 4 has been identified but the avg consumption is 0, fired 0 times this month, for no usage. Strange right?

What do you guys think? Screenshots follow.


Hi there,

I think your furnace blower makes sense to show up as a motor. Did you ever catch it just when it comes on or after it shuts off to validate if Sense tracks those events?

I too have a few ‘unnamed heat’ devices. So far I haven’t been able to track them down conclusively, but I’m suspecting our oven or electric stovetop. Do you have one of those? Another big heat source could be an electric water heater.

I’m curious - how did you identify the fridge light?? I haven’t been able to identify anything with such low wattage.
Please keep us posted. I’ll also let you know once I’ve identified any of my ‘unnamed heat’ devices.



Yes, I believe I caught the Furnace Blower so I think it’s correct.

I did notice though that the system is confusing two devices: my TV and my fridge light. They have a very similar W use.

I don’t think our water heater is electric though since it uses the hot water from the gas furnace to heat up its water. Am I wrong about this?

Still at a loss regarding the main high W unnamed heat. Does anyone know what are the typical electrics elements of a gas furnace?

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