Help identifying a device

New user. Sense running for a week. New device Heat 2, comes on for a very consistent 8 minutes at 343 watts. Not a switched device as it comes on at all times through the day, as early as 12:20 am and as late as 10:34 pm. One day it was only detected twice, another as many as 8 times. No pattern with days I am at home and days at work. Any help identifying would be appreciated.

If you could provide a screen shot of it that might help. Seeing the signature of the power use helps determine what it could be. For example if it has starting watts then it’s something that needs to be spun up like a pump or fan.

Also some basic information about what you have in your home would help. Since it’s only 343 Watts it’s not something too big.

One of the reasons I’m stumped is I don’t have many devices, condo living. Sense has already identified bathroom lights, A/C, fridge. I’ve been unplugging things that I normally leave plugged in, phone chargers, razor, toothbrush. Have done some Googling on what consumes that power level but no luck. Several WiFi enable devices, scale, CPAP, outside light bulbs. Could it be something checking in on the IOT.

I would guess something like a refrigerator defrost cycle. Even though Sense might have discovered the compressor on the fridge it might not have got the defrost coils. This is way too much power for IOT devices.

This would be my guess too. Just checked mine, and Sense says it runs for an average of about 10 minutes at 475W.

I wish in the stats for a device, there was an “average time between runs”.

Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful. I actually entered all the on times in a spreadsheet to see if there was a pattern I was missing. Would be a great feature to provide a better comparison in the app.