Device detected, but I cannot determine what it might be


Sense detected a device

Ice Maker 38%
Furnace 20%
Light 8%
Aquarium Heat 7%
Water dispenser 4%

I’m tiring to determine what it can be, but have no luck. It comes on, works for about 2-3 min and then turns off. It is not a light or HVAC, Furnace, Aquarium Heat. It might be a light, but most likely not.

Any ideas what it might be?


I loved your typo (tiring…yup indeed…that’s the Sense way…and hundreds/thousands of us do fee that way), but perhaps you ment trying?

Need much more data to help out. Amount of energy, frequency, etc to be able to provide you quesses.

Apologies, here are the right screenshots

Actually since I just started using Sense lady week, I’ve had to determine what a few things are.
While it did find the well pump, water heater, and even the coffee maker.
Some things like light, heat 2, stove 2 or fridge 2 were a little more interesting.
A recent odd one was a light that only was on for a few seconds, then off. This happened randomly. After some time and watching what was or was not in use, and the fact it registered 39 watts was the key.
It detected the light inside the refrigerator. Tested the theory, and sure enough. Appliance bulbs are generally incandescents.
As to one of the others, the wattage seemed low to be a stove, and would turn on and then back off. Sense was picking up just one of the burners on the stove.
Seems sense just doesn’t sense an appliance, but the individual parts of the appliance.
That seems to be the key to it right there.
Certain things will turn on and off to maintain temperature, not just on or off…
Hope this helps…

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Any suggestions what could it be? I notice that it comes on for 3 min every time.

It could be as the crowdsourcing suggests, your ice maker in fridge making ice. But that would be a lot of ice. Could be an under sink or standalone hot water dispenser like this one.

I tried unplugging the fridge while it was running in the app, it would still show as running.

One hint: If you unplug in the middle of something running (your unknown showing up as a bubble) and the bubble doesn’t go away, that doesn’t necessarily mean that that isn’t the device. Sometimes the device switching off looks different from unplugging to Sense, so the bubble will persist. The only place that you can see exact realtime feedback is in the Power Meter. But there it might be difficult to separate drop in power between refrigerator usage ice maker usage. One option is to leave the refrigerator unplugged for a while and see if the 3min spikes come back. If they stop, then it’s likely the icemaker.

Here’s good video on how to trace what the device really is:

Unplugging isn’t the same thing as a device shutting itself off…it changes the signature and interferes with Sense’s ability to see the load stop. Confusing, I know.

What you need to do is to unplug (or turn off…which has the same problem with signatures as unplugging) while that load isn’t happening and then see if the load shows up again while unplugged. Sorry

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Great reference, @kevin1. @dmitrysml777 the Power Meter is going to be the most assistance here. In the video, Rayshawn (one of our Support leads) goes over how you can access the Power Meter view for a device. These screenshots are probably the most valuable when seeking community insights based on the depth of information provided.

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Good News Everyone!!!

Device found. It is an Ice Maker for a fridge that was not sensed yet. The good news is that I can turn the ice maker off since I do not use that fridge for making ice.



Sense could eventually tell us: “You have an ice maker in your fridge that you don’t appear to be using. Perhaps you can deactivate it!”

  • [Sensible potential logic here involving door light vs periodic ice activation?]
  • Flawed lazy logic for a best-case scenario: You’re obviously making ice in that ice maker you just named, maybe switch the other one off.

I did switched that ice maker off.

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