Post your lowest wattage device found


I’m curious to know what the lowest wattage device that has been found with-in this community is so far. I’ll get things started…

70 watts, LED light bar


Does it have to be something that’s you know is still working? Unnamed Device 2 is about 59w, but it hasn’t been on for 2 months and 21 days after having being on and off continually from Sep 21 to Nov 3 2016.


Lowest it’s found here so far is a 53 watt incandescent bulb, one of the only non LED’s in the house


44 watt Heat Tape. This was a surprise find as we had forgotten about it over the years.


While Sense has missed much of my large equipment it has found the motor in the icemaker in my freezer which consumes 30 watts.


That’s great to hear! That’s the lowest I’ve seen to date across different Sense community/boards. I fully expect someday it might learn ~15LEDs. Since, currently in the live feed, it shows the +15 or -15 when light turns on/off. Just has to learn.


I think it finds things like motors much more easily than loads like LED or CFL lights due to the unique patterns they have when they start up. It has also found my condensate pump which draws about 77 watts. But it can’t find the big blower motors on my HVAC systems nor several other large usage items :frowning:


Fridge - 126 watts


Unnamed device 1 shows an average run time of 2s and an average consumption of 12 watts ?!


I have a 50w blower for my kitchen heater (we use forced hot water, but there is a small fan that kicks the heat into the open kitchen).


29-30W: 12V x 2.4A DC wall adapter powering double-row 5050 SMD LEDs for one of the closets.


I have an Unnamed Motor that reports an average consumption of 10 watts and an average run time of 38m 48s. It has only been on 3 times since it was detected. No clue what this thing is though. What would run for that long and only average 10 watts?


Mini fridge: 71 watts


Lights in one room: 30W, another 38W, walk in closet 58W (looks like that bulb needs replacement… At least it’s not on for a long time)


My Dishwasher shows up as 2 watts, and shows running almost all of the time. Sense has confirmed it was a bug twice, but still remains after nearly 2 months.

My bathroom lights are 4 LEDs on the same switch and show up as 39 watts total and are picked up reliably.

My icemaker valve also is picked up at 29 watts when it runs for 6 seconds at a time.


Depending on how low we go… I got a Microwave at -35W…:confused:


My refrigerator light at 75W (would have thought it would be less…)


Mine seems to have detected a device at 8W, but I can’t figure out what in the world it is. It turns on around every hour and then stays on for less than 2 minutes. I can’t decide what it is. I’m going to look into my older 3rd generation Apple TV tonight.


Sense thinks this is a fridge. Start up spike is 7W then settles around 1W.


I have a 10w motor that runs avg 50 minutes. I haven’t confirmed but I think it’s the cooling fan that runs to keep the glass door on my oven cool. It’s only detected it once.

Dozens of Cree brand LED lights (usually in banks of 3 to 9) have yet to show up but they will be low wattage.

The low wattage things are the least of my concern initially while I try to become familiar with energy hogs. I suspect that eventually I’ll want the low wattage items to show just because it might come in handy to know.

11/2016 install.